One of six varieties of our signature flavored pizza dough balls

Our Dough

It’ll Be Pizza produces six varieties of its signature flavored pizza dough balls including Basil, Beer, Garlic, Wheat, Blonde and Blonde EZ-Stretch. Each of these flavors carries its own distinct flavor and bite profiles. The Basil, slightly sweet and perfectly complimentary with a nicely seasoned sauce. The Beer, aromatic and perfectly aerated and made exclusively with Shipyard Export AleThe Garlic, dense and flavorful. The Wheat, a perfect balance between white and whole wheat flours. Our Blonde (or White) dough marries the ingredient quality of our flavored dough with a slightly lower price point. Blonde EZ-Stretch was designed for our high volume customers looking for a product that would proof more quickly and be easier to stretch.

Frozen Gluten Free Dough Balls with sweet basil

Our Gluten Free Pizza Dough is a unique product that can be proudly served to your gluten-sensitive customers. Flavored with sweet basil and honey, it is created with our custom blend of four gluten free flours. The result is a finished product that will satisfy the customer who thought their days of eating great-tasting pizza were over forever. Packed 20 to a case, each 8 oz. dough is sheeted out to an individual sized pizza and comes with its own disposable aluminum cooking tray.